Thank you Customer x

March 30, 2009


You all know that we have offer of the month, now we are introducing customer of the month. We think you deserve a pat on the back too!

We would like to acknowledge our customers for things like being helpful, responsive and just making our job easier.

At the end of every month we will announce the winner on our blog and they will receive a lovely certificate and 10% off their next order.

Thank you customer x


We’re always looking for great ways to help you to promote yourself better and increase awareness of your brand. We have launched out NEW range of promotional merchandise.

Personalised pens start from just 21p each, and we’ve loads of other ideas including keyrings, rulers, toys, games, desk tidies, sticky notes, bags and more. See full range at or give us a call and we’ll help you decide which works best for you. If your in the area why not call in and see the samples for yourself.





Just about every major retailer has been running “20% off” sales in the past few months. We’ll be seeing more of this in the future as desperation sets in. Some will be a last “roll of the dice” to clear old stock – and at unsustainable prices. In a recession, people are far more responsive to pricing rather then “promotions”, compared to boom times. You may notice that companies running “free gift” promotions last year are now more likely to be running “money off” discounts instead. A cold hard discount off the price will be more powerful than “free flights” or “free teddy” when the purse strings are getting tighter.

Have you noticed fewer leaflets dropping through your door? Some of your competitors will be forced to reduce their marketing as times get harder. This is great news for you. If your competitors reduce their marketing then there’s less ‘noise’ and ‘clutter’ to compete with, making your marketing communications have a louder, clearer “share of voice”. If your competitors have gone quite on their customers, that may be a sign they’re in trouble. Fill this gap with an offer which will persuade cost-conscious consumers or business to try you.

Twitter Twitter…

March 18, 2009

We love to find new ways of keeping in touch. Why not follow us on Twitter.

Its much easier to sell to people who already know you. Don’t forget them. They know you, they know what you do and you know what they buy from from you. It costs less to market to existing customers (no expensive mailing lists to buy) and there’s usually a higher conversion rate.

People hate being let down and customers marking purchasing decisions in a downturn are more likely to choose a business they know they can trust to deliver.

Customers are more likely to buy from businesses who are still actively engaging with them. So stay in contact with them, to reassure that you’re here for the long haul. By keeping in touch, you’ll be the first to know if they’ve anything coming up in the future. And do some digging. What else do they buy, that they’re not buying from you? How can you increase your “share of their wallet”? Do they know about other products or services you offer? Can you switch them onto a more profitable product by offering them a complimentary upgrade for their first time?

March Madness

March 4, 2009

I thought 99 had something to do with ice-cream but it appears that I am wrong. This month we have 8 amazing offers at one low price of just £99!

Save up to 50% with

How does 10,000 A5  leaflets for £99 sound?

Give us a call to chat about any of the deals (01792 644922), or click the link below for full details.

March Offer