Service Superstar

May 14, 2009

We’d like to say thank you to James Harper from South Wales Police for nominating us for’s Service Superstar.

I think we’ve talked about ourselves quite enough lately! We therefore welcome the chance to post James’ comments and we thank him for both his kind words and giving us the chance to work on such fantastic projects. We’ll stick some of the work up in the next few days!

“The team continue to provide a great customer service on a wide range of marketing communication projects, efficiently and effectively.

The latest design and production work is simply the best yet, using vibrant design to help our police force engage with young people better, through quiz sheets, fun day posters, and student meeting flyers.

The work is innovative and really meets the design brief of making policing exciting and fun for young people and helping to promote neighbourhood policing.

The team go out of their way to meet my customer needs and offer a flexible service.

I’m really looking foward to getting the marketing materials out in the community (as the feedback from officers has been very positive and exciting).”


Tips from Tesco

May 10, 2009

You’ve probably heard news of Tesco’s record £3.1bn annual profit announced a couple of weeks ago, refreshing, given the current economy. The chain is confident it can continue to make progress during these difficult financial times.

Chief executive Sir Terry Leahy said in a statement: “At a time when customers everywhere are feeling the economic strain, we are responding to their changing needs in all our markets by lowering prices, introducing more affordable products and offering even sharper promotions.”

He also said “We all need to eat.”

But there’s a little more to it than that. I visited Tesco today and in the main aisle they had an offer on tissues and hand sanitiser. An excellent response to the hype surrounding Swine Flu!

The smallest business can learn a lot from Tesco’s ability to adapt quickly and give the customer what they want.

Leaflets are a quick and easy way of druming up new business – hand them out, mail them out or insert them in your local newspaper. Either way take advantage of our half price offer on silk leaflets this month.


April Winner

May 1, 2009

As you know we introduced our ‘Customer of the month’ last month. It went down really well and its come back around already. Like last month it was an easy choice who should win. This job allowed us to go crazy with our creative juices and also meant a lot if we got it right.

The winner this month is the Swansea University and the job was a smurf-faced flyer. The flyer was produced to get all the students to dress up as smurfs to contribute in breaking the Guinness World Record.  The evening is going to be a success as Jokers masquerade is providing each student with a smurf or smurfette costume and blue face paint worth £25 with any £5 ticket bought. For more information on the event go to

Good luck guys and hope you break the record.