Closed 25th – 29th

June 24, 2009

Colourbox will be closed between 25th – 29th June, open again on Tuesday 30th June. Sorry for any inconvenience.

If you need something printed urgently while we are away – look online at for a list of alternative stores and online prices. Although please be aware that other stores will not have access to previously printed files.


Congratulations Guys!
A SEA of blue and white put Swansea students in the record books on Wednesday.

The night was a  success, a total of 2,510 people dressed as smurfs at Oceana in The Kingsway, breaking the world record for the most smurfs gathered in one place!

We believe in results, and so at least you could say the flyers and posters worked. 🙂

P.s I’m still getting the blue paint out of my nails!



Peppermint Publications is dedicated to producing and publishing refreshing resources for teachers aimed at raising standards of learning  and literacy

Peppermint asked us to design some illustrations for exercise books aimed at Primary School Children. They wanted them to draw attention to the books so the children found them more interesting and eye catching.

They where so successful we came up with 20 different designs altogether from “Find the missing word” to “Vanishing vowels”.

Here are some examples of our work:

Choose the Word


Jumbled Words


Name the Keyword




We also done the book covers


Sun shining and half price Luxury business cards, what else can you ask for!

Luxury business cards
1,000 Double sided @ £64

june OOTH