Far from Easy Space

February 20, 2010

Hi everyone, sorry for the bit of downtime we’re experiencing lately. You may not be able to access our blog from the usual web address, or send us emails. We’re in the process of changing Domain Name Provider. In the meantime, you can email us via the contact page on our blog.

Our domain has always been with Easyspace but when faced with a renewal bill 9x that of 123-reg, we decided to change suppliers. We use 123-reg a lot anyway, to register our customer’s domains. This is mainly because of their full access, easy-to-use control panel, but they’re also pretty cheap.

So, back to Easyspace. Unfortunately I had let the Domain renewal expire by 2 days (I know, I know!), so I had to call and let them know I wanted to change Domain Name Provider. They said I’d need to renew it with them for a further year before I could transfer away (at 4x the cost 123-reg charge). The only other option I had was to let it lapse (30-60 days, then back in public domain for sale). Now, that’s not really an option, is it! This doesn’t seem like a fair rule to me, more like holding my domain to ransom.

For a final kick in the teeth, Easyspace charge a £15 admin fee for transferring the domain away. I’m astounded they are allowed to do this! They don’t even have to do anything! The gaining Registrar and I do the work. I was a dissatisfied (now former) customer and let the guy on the phone know. His reply ‘Sorry, but I don’t make the rules’. I understand that, but I’m sure someone, somewhere, in Easyspace is interested to know that they’ve lost a customer due to price.

Anyway, I paid up, not happy… but happy to be leaving Easyspace. It just seems strange to me that when I call to say I’m leaving, after 5 years, due to price… rather than offer me a loyalty discount and attempt to keep my custom, they simply charge me £15. The last £15 I will ever pay them.

Beware Orange Elephants


Swansea BID

February 18, 2010

Swansea Business Improvement District or BID, is a co-operative of businesses that together fund improvements to the city centre. The BID allows businesses in the city centre to identify key issues that impact on their trading and start projects to tackle them. 2010 is a crucial year as October brings businesses the opportunity to cast their supporting vote for Swansea BID. More information on Swansea BID can be found on their website.

We were asked to rebrand the existing BID logo. Russell Greenslade, BID Manager, instructed us to design a logo that was
• Vibrant
• Energetic
• Fresh
• New
• Approachable
• & Attainable

The logo below is the cornerstone for the rebrand.
Keep an eye out for the new Website coming soon.

Previous BID Logo

2010 Rebrand

I ♥ February Favourites

February 2, 2010

Be in love this month with our February Favourites ♥

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