April 6, 2010

I drink a lot of Tea and happen to think I’m quite good at making it. However, we have a mug at home and for some reason Tea made in this mug never tastes as good.

I wondered if this could have something to do with the word ‘Chocolate’ being written the outside. You’re subconsciously expecting to taste chocolate, and are therefore slightly disappointed when it’s not as sweet.

This theory was backed up during Ep. 7 of ‘Body Language Secrets‘ on Sky 1. The programme claims that there is a part of the brain that influences how enjoyable you find a product based how much pleasure you BELIEVE you’re going to get from it. In an experiment they asked volunteers to taste some wine. Before drinking, one glass was talked up as being one of the World’s best. The other glass was unashamedly announced as a cheap plonk.

You’re probably not surprised to learn that the volunteers thought the ‘best’ wine was incredible, and the ‘cheap’ wine… not up to much. However, they were duped. The show producers had put exactly the same wine in both glasses.

So it makes the point that when you hear wonderful things about a wine, when it’s presented properly, it actually changes the way you experience it.

The same rules apply to your product or company. Whenever your customer comes into contact with your company, through people, products or marketing (ads/website/brochures/business cards), they form a perception.

In the opinion of your customer, your company is only what THEY perceive it to be.


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