Service Superstar

May 14, 2009

We’d like to say thank you to James Harper from South Wales Police for nominating us for’s Service Superstar.

I think we’ve talked about ourselves quite enough lately! We therefore welcome the chance to post James’ comments and we thank him for both his kind words and giving us the chance to work on such fantastic projects. We’ll stick some of the work up in the next few days!

“The team continue to provide a great customer service on a wide range of marketing communication projects, efficiently and effectively.

The latest design and production work is simply the best yet, using vibrant design to help our police force engage with young people better, through quiz sheets, fun day posters, and student meeting flyers.

The work is innovative and really meets the design brief of making policing exciting and fun for young people and helping to promote neighbourhood policing.

The team go out of their way to meet my customer needs and offer a flexible service.

I’m really looking foward to getting the marketing materials out in the community (as the feedback from officers has been very positive and exciting).”


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Double Award Winning Design

February 9, 2009


OMG, just like Britney, 0ops we did it again!

That’s right, we’ve followed up last year’s Annual Design Award with another this year! Congratulations to Lindsay who swept up a number of awards including runner-up places in two categories, one winning entry in another category, and the title of Overall Winner.

We’d like to congratulate all the designers that were recognised this year. The standard of work is always high and we are very proud of Lindsay’s achievements.

We hope our clients feel they are winners too as we try our best to produce consistently fabulous design work!

Award Categories:
Runner Up, Hand-Out Category, Sin Savers

Sin Savers Flyer

Runner Up, Functional Category, Safer Sex Ball, Swansea SU

Safer Sex Night Condom Packet/Flyer

Winner, Prestige Category, Degreez Guide, Student Digz.

More info on these projects can be found archived in ‘September’. will be producing an awards brochure featuring the work. If you’d like to receive a free copy, please get in touch!


December 19, 2008

Before we break up for the Christmas Holidays, I thought I’d quickly stick up a photo of Wheelies. We designed their new sign and it looks great up. Thinking of buying a bike for Christmas? Be sure to check out


November Offer

November 4, 2008

Research by the University of Salford has revealed the traditional printed Christmas Card still has a big place in today’s electronic world. A printed Christmas Card represents far more than just a greeting – it shows commitment, that you’ve taken the trouble to think about others and it serves as an important reminder to the recipient that others care about them.

Were you emailed a Christmas ‘e-card’ last year? According to the survey, 68% of people said they’d rather not receive an electronic e-card! If it’s the ‘thought that counts’, then an e-card is seen as lacking in commitment and of considerably less value than a printed card. Is that the impression you want to give your customers?

It is important to reach out at this time of year and show your customers you value them. Send a Voucher Christmas Card and spread your love (and cash) a lot further with both a greeting and a gift in one. Each card has a tear off panel, pop on a special offer or a discount and give them a treat which brings them back in the New Year. Voucher Christmas Cards are HALF PRICE in November, so give get in touch today!

Make every contact count

September 29, 2008

When the great guys at Tredz asked us to sort them out with some new receipt holders, we were very happy! We enjoy working on all things Tredz because the jobs always display a healthy balance of form and function and the brand is always consistently applied across all formats – making every contact count, whether that’s a vehicle, website, card or receipt holder! Check out the exterior of one of their stores below.

We get a chance to use dynamic styles in a quirky but corporate way. And they’re very nice people. Check out their site and blog if you get a chance (and if you’re into bikes… check them out even if you don’t get a chance!!!)

Are we cut-out for this?

September 26, 2008

I love Fridays. ‘Facebook Friday’ 🙂 I like Fridays more than Sundays. I think that’s because on Sunday you know you have to work the next day. But on Friday, you can look forward to Saturday – my favourite day… Not that I don’t enjoy going to work! I love colouring-in for a living!!!

This job was fun to work on… Our customer, Luke, was a star. His classic Alfa Romeo Spider needed a home and Luke wanted a flyer that was a little more special than your average leaflet to let people in the neighbourhood know. We used a ‘cut-out’ option on the showcards to shape the flyer.  We’ve obviously removed his phone number for the blog (But if you do have a garage available, by all means contact us, and we’ll pass on your details!!)


September 25, 2008

Hey new students… welcome to Swansea!

Over the last 2 weeks, Swansea Metropolitan Uni and Swansea University welcomed thousands of new students to our shores. We’ve been very busy in preparation! We’ve produced Welcome guides for Student Digz, Student Safety Wallplanners for Safer Swansea, various stuff for Swansea Student Union and even some student discount cards for Dominoes Pizza!

A few of the things feature Spot UV, which is our new toy – but more about that later! Check it out, let us know what you think!

Student Digz Welcome Guide

Student Digz Welcome Guide

Student Digz inner page spread

Student Digz inner page spread

We worked with Mark from Student Digz (Swansea’s premier lettings agency) to put together a welcome guide for new students taking out a tenancy. The guide featured some safety tips (provided with help from Safer Swansea) alongside crucial tenancy information, things to see and do in Swansea and some other fun bits and pieces. We used a spot UV to varnish the logo in a repeating pattern… which looks pretty funky especially against the dark background. Drop us a line if you’d like a copy posted out!

Student Safety Wallplanner

Student Safety Wallplanner

Safer Swansea had the clever idea of producing wallplanners featuring safety information. These were then distributed to students during Freshers Week. We chose to design the calendar and safety pages in an interactive way with a collage style that we thought would not only look good on the wall, but be fun to design!

Safer Sex Night Condom Packet/Flyer

Safer Sex Night Condom Packet/Flyer

Swansea Student Union have 5000 condoms to give out free and we produced these flyers/packets to hold them in! Good use of the Spot UV to highlight a trendy little floral wallpaper pattern.

Sin Savers Flyer

Sin Savers Flyer

Sin Savers’ colourful flyers feature a pair of specs (with the varnish catching the reflection in the lenses!). The glasses can be removed if you wish… we perforated the shape to help you out! You don’t have to remove the glasses, it’s just for fun. But it is pretty tempting!!

Over and out. Back with more before the weekend so keep in touch!


September 8, 2008

OK, OK, it’s not new work. In fact, it’s almost it’s first birthday (hip, hip!..). But we felt the guide should be included first as it was an Annual Design Awards 2008 Winner!

Safe was produced for the Safer Swansea Partnership. The partnership is currently celebrating a 24% reduction in overall crime. This was the first issue of ‘Safe’ and the concept behind the style of delivery was to present the info in a fun and easy-to-digest way. The booklet was used to promote personal safety and safer drinking messages to 18-30 year olds in the lead up to Christmas.

ADA judges said “The booklet uses a range of design styles that work well together and appeal to the target audience.” We’d like to thank them for saying such nice things.